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Peakside Capital´s strength is in developing successful investment strategies, identifying and being able to realise the potential of challenging properties. We invest in every asset class with a clearly defined strategy. Our strategies are always centred around fundamental data and sustainable market development.

In the case of value add/opportunistic strategies, the desired increased value of real estate is based on excellent market entry on purchase and the results of creative and experienced technical and professional asset management. This approach permits us to make rational investments at every stage of the market cycle.

Core strategies require an understanding of many medium-sized towns and urban agglomerations as well as a good network of property owners and real estate developers in these markets. Our home markets have a polycentric structure. Many B/C category cities, in particular university cities, have outstanding fundamental data and offer sustainable and rational investment opportunities. As we have been established in these markets for many years, we have an edge over many of our competitors.

The management of core real estate serves to safeguard assets and attain regular, sustainable dividends. We are familiar with and experienced in the operating processes required for this, and their detailed implementation.

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Since Peakside Capital was founded, our team has completed successful developments in various investment and risk classes. A selection of our developments can be found here. These can be sorted by various criteria using the filters.

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Milky Way, Hamburg

Forum, Berlin

Bentley, Frankfurt am Main

MARO, Frankfurt am Main

Atrium Centrum, Poland

Argo, Czech Republic

Atrium Plaza, Poland

Cube, Czech Republic

Reload, Czech Republic

Poznan Financial Centre, Poland

Our Fonds


Peakside Real Estate Fond I

Pan-European pool - Fonds for instituional investors with a value add/oportunistic strategy

volume € 261 million equity

status Asset Management / Disposal Phase

year 2006

strategy Opportunistic

target market

Germany, Ireland, Great Britain, Spain, Central Europe


Peakside Real Estate Fond II

Pan-European opportunistic pool - Fond for institutional investors, focussed on Germany and CEE

volume € 95 million equity

status Investment phase

year 2013

strategy Oppotunistic

target market



Peakside Real Estate Fond III

On Germany focussed value add/opportunistic pool - fond for insjtitutional investors

volume € 150 million equity

status Placement

year 2017

strategy Opportunistic

target market



Polonia Property Fond I

Core Plus Fond with investment fokus in Poland and Hungary

volume € 100 million equity

status Asset Management / Disposal phase

year 2003

strategy Core Plus

target market

Poland, Hungary


Polonia Property Fond II

Core Plus Fond with investment fokus in Poland

volume € 80 million

status Asset Management / Disposal Phase

year 2006

strategy Core Plus

target market


Third Party Mandates

Management of miscellaneous portfolio of european real estate assets for institutional investors like Family Office

volume Various

status Asset Management / Disposal Phase

year Various

strategy various

target market

Germany, Central and Eastern Europe