Our Business

Our approach

We develop investment strategies based on extensive analysis and the individual requirements of our investors. The investment strategies we pursue range from core through to value add.

We focus on strategies and asset classes in which we can generate real added value for our investors as we have a particularly good understanding of the market, outstanding access to investment opportunities as well as the potential, through our “hands-on“ asset management approach, to enhance value or to maintain existing value.

We leave to others those asset classes in which we are not among the best in our market.

Our employees and partners have accumulated years of experience in real estate companies, renowned investment companies and investment banks. Despite this, we believe that the success of an investment largely depends on in-depth work in the local market, individual property and asset management and not primarily “sophisticated” excel models.

On the basis of each mandate’s individual requirements, we build a management team that is responsible for the mandate, from the investment phase through to implementation of business plans and disposition. We do not adopt a piecemeal segmentation of responsibility between different departments and cost centres, but rather consistent, comprehensive responsibility and a team which can identify themselves with “their” mandate.

We will not enter into any conflicts of interest by taking on different mandates with the same strategy and the same investment focus during the investment phase of a mandate. We regularly do significant co-investments in our funds to secure a strong alignment of interest. Our investors enter into higher risk with confidence in our ability to achieve value enhancement.

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Our services

Investment and
Asset Management

We are real estate Entrepreneurs - not passive investors.

In accordance with our holistic approach to asset management, we take charge of the entire investment process for our investors. A single team is responsible for market analysis, the development of an investment strategy, origination and execution, the active asset management and the ultimate sale of the assets.

The experience and in-depth knowledge of our staff in their respective home markets, the complete independence of Peakside Capital and our focussed approach enable us to execute real estate investments quickly and creatively. We therefore often have access to investment opportunities that are only offered directly by the owners or at a very early stage in the process to a small circle of prospective investors, without the involvement of brokers.

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Our fund management has extensive experience in portfolio structuring and analysis. With every property transaction, we have a view to its effect on the fund. Depending on the appropriate fund strategy, we are able to control the fund in terms of diversification and risk.

It is our aim to ensure reliable fund planning, including redemptions and liquidity planning and to minimise volatility in the case of core strategies, despite market-based valuation. In fund accounting, legally regulated reporting and other administrative and statutory obligations, we work with renowned external fund administrators with the structure that is most advantageous for each mandate. We have extensive practical experience with all the common fund and investment structures and their regulatory and administrative requirements. This applies in particular to special AIFs, under the German Capital Investment Act and for Luxembourg structures. In our office in Luxembourg we employ 5 experienced specialists under the supervision of our CFO who engage with all regulatory, legal and tax issues of our funds.

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Real estate

We hold a long track record in complex and extensive real estate developments. In addition to economic viability and responsible risk management, social and environmental compatibility issues are also of great importance to us.

Developing new buildings using sustainable construction methods demands foresight and plenty of experience. This applies even more with regards to existing buildings that no longer meet modern construction and business standards. We have a long successful track record of developing and implementing new profitable utilisation concepts, planning and undertaking all the necessary construction measures, leasing-up the properties and repositioning them on the market. We have successfully implemented this active “manage to core” concept into our funds, PREF I and II among others. Furthermore, we also support external mandates on asset and portfolio level with our expertise. In selective cases, we also provide our expertise and investment capital as project partners.

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