Our Business

Our Approach

Through our "hands-on" asset management approach, we add and preserve value. We leave to others those asset classes in which we are not  among the best in our market. We avoid conflicts of interest by not accepting overlapping  mandates.



Preferential access to opportunities




Individual solutions for rentals and repositioning




Local networks and operational platform


Our clear focus on specific core competencies, our local presence and outstanding performance record clearly set us apart from our competitors and make us one of the leading investment houses in our market segment.




Experience with complex 




Agility, speed and high implementation competence



Institutional investment




We develop investment strategies based on extensive analysis and the individual investment needs of our investors. The investment strategies pursued range from core to value-add. We focus on those investment strategies and asset classes in which we can generate real added value for our investors. We have a particularly good understanding of the market and excellent access to investment opportunities. In addition to our fund business, we pursue various cooperation models along the entire real estate value chain, such as joint ventures on a single-deal basis, co-investments, separate accounts and other tailored solutions.


Our fund management has extensive experience in portfolio design and analysis. Every time we take action on a property, we keep an eye on its impact on the fund. Depending on the respective fund strategy, we are able to manage the fund from a diversification and risk perspective. Our goal with core strategies is to keep volatility low despite market-driven valuations. The funds in our PREF series are each among the most successful in their peer group.

Real Estate Development

We have a long and proven track record in the development of complex and large-volume real estate projects.  For existing properties that are structurally and economically outdated, we develop economic utilization concepts, plan and implement all necessary structural measures and subsequently reposition the property on the market. In addition to profitability and the responsible handling of risks, social and environmental compatibility factors play an important role for us.

our investors

Our investors include institutional investors such as insurance companies, pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, private and savings banks, funds of funds as well as high-net-worth individuals and family offices from Europe, the Middle East and North America. We work with our investors on the basis of trust and long-term relationships. Our clients have often been investing with Peakside for many years and in a variety of products.


Our investors come first


Our strategies are long-term oriented


Reliable and trustworthy partnerships

We pursue a collaborative approach that is reflected in our long-standing client relationships, most of which extend across multiple products. We are proud to count some of the world's most renowned institutional investors among our clients.